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More than 8 million slip and fall accidents occur in North America every year with more than 540,000 resulting in injuries that require hospital care.

At Slip Stoppers, we want to help keep you, your guests and your employees safe! We have permanent solutions to make floors less slippery without changing their appearance in any way

Bath Tubs and Shower Floors

Your bathroom is the most dangerous room in your house. Trends towards hard surface flooring and an aging population create a dangerous synergy! The young and elderly are especially at risk. Bath tubs can be very slippery and are obviously very dangerous when they are not slip resistant.

Whether you are a hotel/motel owner or a residential home owner

Pool Decks & Walkways

Our anti-slip treatment is a non-yellowing, transparent, easy-to-apply liquid cure and seal. It provides a clear, flexible and durable abrasion- and stain-resistant protective film.

It also offers improved resistance to most of today

Tile and Stone Treatments Commercial and Residential

Slip Stoppers


Our most aggressive coatings can be used inside or outside to make any floor anti-slip. Ideal for concrete, metal or wood surface where maximum traction is needed.

Popular uses are on loading ramps, roof top walkways, warehouse floors, garage floors, etc. This one-part anti-slip coating is environmentally and user friendly. Our aggressive coatings are made for durability. They are chip, scuff and impact resistant. It also comes in a variety of colors.